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Welcome to Jen’s Designer Deals Blog post, we are trying to keep our customers informed. So sit down and sip on your favorite drink, 

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Jen’s - Personal post -

Small business is hard!  I never went into this thinking I’d become rich. I went into it for the passion I have for making others feel good about themselves and fulfilling what I perceived as a need in the community which goes far beyond just the clothing I sell.

Please take a moment to read this.  China is winning.  And they are being truly deceptive and manipulative in doing so.

Yes, you will find things in my store made in China.  I make sure I am sourcing from ethical manufacturers who have US connections and the quality is up to my standards.  Sorry I can’t match the Shein and Temu (& others) pricing, but what I do is keep the US $dollar circulating in the US.  It goes far beyond providing for my modest livelihood: it helps pay taxes, fund our local schools, allows me to sponsor and support our community.

I am not saying don’t buy anything from them.  I get it, sometimes you just can’t find something locally but give local a chance first!!  I get it, the economy is horrible.  Ask me how I know… I am right there with you both professionally and personally.

If you want your community small businesses to survive, if you want your community to thrive: it has got to start with YOU.  Please show us some love and at least share on social media your love for us as much as you share your great finds on Temu, Shein, etc…

Much love to you all.

From a small business owner just trying to survive….speaking on behalf of EVERY small business.

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