Garment Bundle - Secret #12, #10, #38, & #6

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Stay impeccably groomed! Here are our 4 favorite fashion tricks to keep you flawlessly neat and fresh 24/7.

Bundle Includes:

1. Lint Removing Sheets

Remove fuzz, lint, dust bunnies, dandruff, and pet hair
Portable & compact, great for purses and even your tiniest clutch!

2. Deodorant Removing Sponge

Easily removes deodorant marks and most make-up powder from clothing
Also removes dust, fuzz, pet hair and road salt!

3. Hat Shields

Protect hats from tough-to-remove sweat, make-up stains, and discoloration
Keep both you and your hat dry, fresh, and odor-free

4. Garment Shields

Prevent embarrassing underarm wetness from staining garments
Wick perspiration from underarms and help keep odors off clothing

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